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Carbitool Countersink Holder

Below you will find the STL file to 3D Print your own countersink holder. If you find it’s a tight fit just scale it up (101% is probably enough) in the slicer.

Mine was printed in PLA+ with 3 layers on top as I found fewer layers left some holes. You can further reduce holes by increasing your infill percentage.

If you have any suggestions or issues email me at

Spray Equipment Storage

Spring Shop Storage challenge 2021

This was a quick video entry for the wood fathers Aussie #springshopestorage challenge 2021.

I made these 3D printed upgrades to improve the storage of my spray gun and tooling. If you want to make some for yourself the .stl files are here:

If you’re just after some basic dimensions here they are:

NOTE: Not all …

Blum Mounting Plate Jig

Blum Drilling Template For CLIP Cruciform Mounting Plates 65.5070

Over the years I have used a Blum Mounting plate jig for most of my cabinet doors.

This jig is perfect for most applications but unfortunately it wont work with inset doors.

So I decided to design my own jig and 3D print it.

This jig is designed to work with the Blum drill and collar setup do its very easy to swap between the two.

The Jigs are very easy to use, mark a center line on the cabinet

T Square

I needed a jumbo t square for some up and coming full scale templates, rather than buy I made one myself.

Heres a short YouTube video showing the build and below is a copy of the fusion360 template I made.


Tortilla Press

Thanks for checking out my entry in Sumos Projects 2020 scrapwood challenge. #spswc2020

I decided to make something a little different, a tortilla press 🙂 You can see the video here:

The project was made on the fly with no plans, but I have put together some basic plans if you’re interested in making your own version. Just click on the link below for a PDF showing the parts and dimensions I used on my version.

Hole and Chamfer Gauge

Attached is the STL for a simple hole and chamfer gauge.

Theres been a lot of interest in this STL so I thought it best to share it here rather than just email it to people interested in printing one for themselves.

This idea behind this guage is help you quickly determine the hole and chamfer sizes for any hardware youre looking at incorporating in your 3D printed projects.

By printing this on your own printer it will also take …