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Console Table

Time for a new project, I have been looking for something to replace a little table we have in our main living area. Spotted this via google images and I really like the style. I was only able to find this picture, the company selling the table no longer carried them and the link was dead.

Console Table

With not much to go by in regards to dimensions out comes sketchup to the rescue, I quickly roughed out the dimensions and proportions:

Sketchup RenderSketchup Drawing

In order to match the other furniture in the room, i’ll be using some left over Vic ash I have from a previous project.

Vic Ash
Side panels and legs have all been glued up, at this stage I am going to taper the legs not curve them as per the original picture.

Construction will basically be 3 boxes and joining them up to create the main carcass. Might even give hand cutting dovetails a try. I am working on a Moxon style vice to help out with them, will post up info on that as I figure it out.

I have put aside some 35mm stock for the top and bottom shelf, but I am starting think it will be too thick for the bottom shelf.

Managed to peice together the console table this weekend. The legs have not been tapered, and the top/bottom shelf are not assembled yet but you get the idea.

The press parts have arrived for the Moxon Vice so I’ll need to sort that out before attempting the drawers…

Console Table

The Legs have only been screwed in place, so I can remove them to tweak the taper and the height of the bottom shelf etc. This worked out well, because the location of the bottom shelf would have been too high based on my guesstimate.

Got to spend a little more time tweaking and refining the console table.
The top and bottom shelfs were finished and rough sanded. The final height of the bottom shelf was decided and the legs have all been given a slight taper.

Marking out the taper

For the sake of a little practice I hand planed the tapers instead of cutting them on the bandsaw.

The ends of the legs were marked on the inside faces with a 6mm taper and ran 150mm up the leg.

Vic Ash The majority of stock removal was done with a scrub plane. I am really starting to like this plane more and more. Boy does it remove stock fast….

Vic Ash Shavings from a the scrub were around .70-95mm thick no wonder it took less than 2 dozen strokes to get the taper down.

Vic Ash Then a quick going over with a jack plane to the line.

Vic Ash And ofcourse another dry fit , this time in the location its destined to end up in 😉

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