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MicroWave Oven Repair

Last night whilst trying to make myself some popcorn the microwave refused to open. I quickly resigned myself to buying a new machine. After googling away and eyeing off 100’s of microwaves, I realised the fault actually seemed mechanical and I might actually be able to fix it myself.

I quickly removed the cover and discovered the problem, a hinged component of the locking/unlocking mechanism had failed.

Now the microwave was probably 10 years old so I knew trying to source parts would be a waste of time. With a 3D printer ready to go making a replacement should be pretty simple.

Finished Drawing in Fusion360

I sat down on my trusty laptop with some callipers and I soon enough had a new part drawn up in Fusion360. Improvements were made to the weak points by adding more material and thicker bracing where possible.

Beefier Replacement Part in Blue

My first print was close but a fail, my tolerances were simply too small. Version 2 worked a treat. (Theres a download link at the end of this post) In less than 24 hours I repaired my trusty old microwave and saved it from the landfill. In the end, I got to eat my popcorn all for the cost of about $1.20’s worth of filament.

New component installed and ready to go.

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