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LowLine TV Cabinet

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, one of them is a TV Cabinet for a friend.

The Cabinet is made out of Solid Durian. Durian is very similar to Victorian Ash, if anything slightly better, I find it sands better, doesnt have gum veins and is less prone to chipping.

The unit will be 150cm Wide, 60cm High and 45cm Deep, finished in a Walnut stain and semi-gloss Pre-Cat Lacquer.

Since there were no plans or designs, I drew up some sample pictures this is the one that was chosen, here’s a render of the sample drawing.

Sample Drawing

Next Step was to select a final color, I used a walnut stain and shot some samples, using a varying number of coats. In this case the color chosen was a touch lighter than the four coat sample.

Finish Samples

Now onto the fun stuff, the Durian was cleaned up, all panels were glued and rough sanded to 80 grit. The majority of the cabinet was made using 20x185mm boards, the top was made using 42x150mm boards.

Durian Wood

Gluing Up the panels

Here is a picture of the cabinet, without the drawers and door, I will disassemble the cabinet before finishing.

Dry Fit

I screw all panels that require finishing on both sides to feet. This allows me to spray all round easily, this saves a lot of time and another bonus is the feet allow you to handle the peices safely before the finish has fully cured.

Boards Drying

Here is the finished cabinet the following day, the finish is still drying and leveling out and really needs a couple of days to fully dry. During this time the finish sinks into the wood and keeps looking better and better.
Finished Cabinet

I really enjoyed building this cabinet, and was very impressed with Durian.
Thanks for looking Joe 😉

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