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Tablesaw Boom arm

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Lets face it dust collection is a real pain, but if you think about it, nearly every powered function starts by flicking that dusty into life.

Over time my tolerance to dust is lowering so I am constantly looking for ways to improve my dust collection.

Here are a few pics of my latest tweak:

Boom arm

I know its not pretty but what your looking at is a roof mounted boom for my table saws guard dust collection.

Its been fixed to the roof using table top fasteners for easy removal and relocation. The arm itself swivels on a lazy Susan bearing.

At this stage the pipe is only held up by cable ties but pipe clamps are on the way.

Boom arm

Here is a picture showing the arm with the rest of the hoses installed.

The hose connects to the mainline using a pressure fit connector so to access the jointer/planer functions of the combination machine I just unplug the end of the hose and swing it out of the way.

Yeah I know its not perfect, but the improvement was quite surprising.

In the end I managed to reduce the amount of flexible hose by 3m and increase its diameter. Another bonus I discovered later on is it reduces the change over time.

I’d be very interested in hearing any suggestions for further improvements.


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