MiniMax Chuck Guard

The guard on my morticer chuck broke. It’s about 12 Years old so the plastic had deteriorated and became brittle over time.

Running the machine without the guard would have been too dangerous for my liking. The jointer function of the machine would have been asking for an accident. It’s the last thing I want to have my fingers near when it’s spinning at a couple of thousand RPM.

My enquiries to the local suppliers didn’t go anywhere so I designed and printed my own version. The guard was modelled Fusion360. The final product was printed on a Creality CR10S using 3Dfillies Blue PLA+.

Getting all the measurements correct was a little tricky. It took about 3 attempts before I ended up with a serviceable guard.

Its a pretty big print, even when printing at .2 layer height expect it to take about 12-15 hours. Infill percentage was fairly high at 30%.

Below is a downloadable copy of the STL file if you need a replacement guard.

It’s been designed to fit a 2000’s MiniMax CU300. I am pretty sure if will fit other models of a similar age maybe even different makers.

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