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Blum Mounting Plate Jig

Blum Drilling Template For CLIP Cruciform Mounting Plates 65.5070

Over the years I have used a Blum Mounting plate jig for most of my cabinet doors.

This jig is perfect for most applications but unfortunately it wont work with inset doors.

So I decided to design my own jig and 3D print it.

This jig is designed to work with the Blum drill and collar setup do its very easy to swap between the two.

The Jigs are very easy to use, mark a center line on the cabinet and the door and simply drill 2 holes for the mounting plate. Note there are 2 jigs one for 16mm thick doors and one for 18mm doors.

YouTube Demo coming soon!

If you’d like to 3D print your own the STL’s are available below: