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PLA+ from 3DFillies

In recent times I have fallen in love with 3D printing. It complements woodworking and making in many ways. I’ve used it for stand-alone projects, jigs, drill and alignment guides even to repair my Microwave.

Its the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing when it’s too late to go out into the workshop. I love the process of seeing my designs come to life and how easy it is to tweak the design with the click of a …

Auriou Rasps Review

With a Birthday on the way and some cabriole legs on the cards for a future project, I lashed out and invested in some new Auriou Rasps.

If you not familiar with Auriou, there is a great clip on youtube showing the manufacturing process.

I ordered, 3 rasps all 12inch in length, a 3 grain, 8 grain and 12 grain. 3 grain being the roughest and the 12 grain the finest.

Sample Mirror
The rasps arrived in record time, and very

Lee Valley Spokeshaves – Review

Sample Mirror

Recently I have been taking advantage of the booming Aussie Dollar. One of my latest purchases has been a couple of Spokeshaves from Lee Valley.LINK: Lee Valley Spokeshaves

I’ve made a few attempts at using a spokeshave in the past but could never get the results I was after, usually resorting to raps/files and sandpaper. This time around I thought I’d invest in some better quality shaves and see if I can get the results I knew I should …