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Draw Runner Jig

Heres a handy little jig to save you in those situations where you need 3 hands. Another bonus is its something you can make in an afternoon without too much effort.

The main part is 3D printed (Download link at then end of this post) and the rail is simply 12mm or half inch stock. In my case I used some Pine but anything will do.

Its simple little alignment tool to clamp in place to help when installing shelves or drawer runners. This will work on cabinets with or without face frames. It will also function as a square if your’e in a pinch.

I actually made 2 sets as you can see, one for a friend who was about to buy a commercially produced version and one for myself 🙂

STL download here:

As this component will take the brunt of any clamping forces, I recommend you print this with a high infill percentage. Being such a simple print, if it breaks you can make another in an hour or two if needed.

I didn’t apply any finish to the piece, but I’ll probably apply some next time I am finishing another project. I should help reduce movement and make it a little more durable.

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