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Bit and Pieces

Sample Mirror

With a couple of weeks annual leave under my belt I set off to tackle and finish the console table. To aid me in cutting and fitting the drawers I made a new moxon style vice and a bench helper to support the drawers for final fitting.

Sample MirrorSample Mirror

The Bench Helper, provides support for larger pieces and is great when plaining drawers to final fit. It only took a couple of hours to make using some scrap. I have already used it a dozen times. Its one of those handy jigs you wish you made years ago.

The Moxon vice is used to lift the work to a more usuable height, perfect for cutting dovetails. I was lucky enough to score a cheap Benchcrafted vice in a group buy with some friends (

Ok so here is the finished table, minus the lacquer and stain. I am very happy with the way the table turned out, it was a lot more work than I was expecting, but I learnt a lot from this piece. Every drawer was assembled using handcut dovetails, which was a first for me.

Sample Mirror Sample Mirror

Sample Mirror
Heres a close up showing the dovetails and the applied drawer front. The drawers and made out of hoop pine.

Matching corner table…

While working on the table I also decided to make a matching corner unit, to replace a recently broken vase 🙁

Luckly I had just enough leftover Durian to build this:
Sample Mirror

I didnt have any plans for this, I just match the main design elements of the console table and made sure I had enough Durian to complete the unit.

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