Mirka Roundy Festool Adapter

Here’s a quick adapter I made to allow for a slip fit when connecting a Mirka Roundy Sanding Block hose to the larger Festool Shop-Vac hose.

I printed this standing upright and with only a brim to hold it in place. Print it solid (no infill) for maximum strength and rigidity

If you want to print your own you can download a copy of the STL here:


T Square

I needed a jumbo t square for some up and coming full scale templates, rather than buy I made one myself.

Heres a short YouTube video showing the build and below is a copy of the fusion360 template I made.


Easy Drill Sharpener

Simple and repeatable drill sharpener you can 3D print in a day or make with scraps.

Once built it allows you to sharpen a blunt drill bit in under 2 minutes. Parts were printed on an Ender3

Download STL Files here:

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I’m Back!

After a long hiatus, I am back, whilst my woodworking slowed I didn’t really stop. For the last few months, I’ve been tinkering more with steel which has been an interesting change.   Make a mistake and you can fix it, no waiting for glues to cure and sanding etc.

My next project is going to be a hybrid of woodworking and metalworking. See we foster and socialise a number of cats, dealing with kitty litter etc is a pain.  So …

JoesWorkBench now on instagram

Hoping to put more content online via Instagram and keep the blog for more detailed stuff and larger projects.

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Bit and Pieces

Sample Mirror

With a couple of weeks annual leave under my belt I set off to tackle and finish the console table. To aid me in cutting and fitting the drawers I made a new moxon style vice and a bench helper to support the drawers for final fitting.

Sample MirrorSample Mirror

The Bench Helper, provides support for larger pieces and is great when plaining drawers to final fit. It only took a couple of hours to make using some scrap. I have already used