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Chippendale Mirror Final Assembly

Ah the weekend is here, finally some real shed time 🙂

I routed the dadoes and squared up the edges with a small mortice chisel, everything is ready to receive the scroll work.

I have to say that Tasmanian Myrtle is beautiful stuff to work with, its up there as one of my favorites.

Planing Down

Planing down

Understandably the panels are over sized, so I planed all the panels down to fit.
Holding the work in between a couple of clamped cauls worked a lot better than simply holding everything down by hand. No risk of snapping anything in half either (been there done that 🙁 )

I love this part of the process, the swishing of a hand plane, watching those curly shavings peeling off your work everything slowly coming together. All those separate little pieces slowly merging into one piece of furniture.

Dry Fit

Here we go, the final dry fit. This time with the ears on the right way up!

Cant wait too see the veneers with some finish on them to pop that grain.

Unfortunately with the wet weather the way it is at the moment, I think I’ll put off the finishing til the weather picks up. I really want to take my time and will probably spend a full day spraying a number of coats and rubbing it back

Glue Up

Final Glue-up, looks trickier than it was.

A couple of little “C” clamps to hold the sides in place and two Besseys’ to fit the top and bottom and were all done.

Not 100% sure yet but I might put some glue blocks on the back to further strengthen the scroll work, only issue is that there isnt much room back there.

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