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Bedroom Suite


Here are some pictures of a bedroom suite I finished early 2010. The suite is for a spare bedroom at home. The room has a small corner nook originally for a fireplace which was long gone before we bought the house.

The breakfront bookcase was made to fit into the nook, covering the old ugly concrete hearth and giving us some much needed storage space.

Like most of my projects, I started on sketchup. I generally don’t draw 100% to scale I just try to get my head around the overall dimensions and they the proportions right. Other than the bed itself the final product is pretty close to the original drawings.

The timber was purchased rough sawn from Aft Timbers in Port Melbourne, the primary wood used is Victorian Ash and hoop pine for the drawers. After milling all larger panels were glued up using frontline panel clamps.

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The Bookcase was the biggest challenge in the whole project. It was scaled to fit the nook in the wall, the whole unit is in 4 pieces and everything except of the back panel is solid timber. The majority of shelves are adjustable with only the top, bottom and center shelves being fixed.





Bedside table, for some reason it one of my favorite pieces from the whole suite.






Dresser is fairly large at about 115cm’s height, with large drawers. All the drawer heights are the same giving plenty of depth and storage.



Mirror is a basic wall hung unit to save floor space. The frame is about 15mm thick with simple butt joins and domino’d together for strength. The mirror was bought on special from a local hardware store for $7!



The bed itself has two removable panels in the head rest covered in foam padding and fabric. At the foot of the bed are two full length full extension drawers to provide a little extra storage. The location of the drawers were moved from the location in the original sketches because drawers would have hit the bedroom wall when fully extended.

The finish is a semi gloss pre-cat lacquer which is sprayed using a compressor and HVLP Gun. The stain is a wattyl Jarrah Stain. Overall there are 2 coats of stain and 4 coats of lacquer. The handles are from Lee Valley.

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