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The Weekend is upon us!


Well its a cold and wet Friday night here in Melbourne, Australia but I don’t care. Its almost the weekend and that means I have paid my dues for the week and get to retreat to my shed!

During the week I managed to pickup some goodies and will hopefully get to put some of this stuff into use this weekend.

CMT Rabbet set, CMT box joint bit

digital mitre gauge, Fastcap Calculator

Framing Clamp, Pliers

dust collector reducers and pipe clamps.

I firmly believe in working on the workshop as well as in the workshop, so I’ll continue to tweak the dust collection on my saw (keep an eye out for my roof mounted boom arm ) and hopefully find time to work on with my Jewelery box and Chippendale Mirror projects.

If you interested in more info on any of my projects checkout the Projects Section.

Anyway thanks for looking.


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