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WorkBench Upgrades



I scored some cheap 65x45mm Hardwood boards, decided to glue them up and replace the solid core door benchtop I have been using for the last few years…. Once I figured out the layout, I pre-drilled my dog holes prior to the glue up. This is much easier the drilling after everything has been glued up.

Oil finish

Next step was to glue up the bench top in two half’s, then I ran them through through my drum-sander to flatten them. The final step was to glue up the two halfs, and a finish sand to prepare them for finishing. No fancy finishes here, its just a workbench after all, all I did was a couple of coats of linseed oil and a light wax to help stop wax from sticking during glue ups.

Finish 2

Overall I am very happy with the way it turned out, and at a cost of about $80 I think i did ok. Vic Ash/Tas Oak whatever you want to call it is fairly prone to chipping so I’ll round off the edges as soon as my vises are installed. One thing I have noticed already is that with the thicker benchtop the whole workbench seems more solid.

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